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Yemisi Broughton.

   It is with great pleasure and excitement I welcome you to my blog site! I’m Yemisi Broughton, born in Nigeria and currently reside in the United Kingdom. I am an Advanced Nurse Practitioner with MSc in Advanced Nursing, with special interest in women’s health, and a  qualified nurse for 18 years.

   My nursing journey started as a Research Nurse in AIDS PREVENTION INITIATIVE IN NIGERIA with special interest in Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS at College of Medicine, UCH Nigeria. It was refreshing to educate African women at grassroots about their sexual health, the risks they are exposed to and the long term effect not only on them but their children. It was satisfying to see the transformation in most of them from being timid, uninformed to making hard but needed decisions to live full lives with HIV. And conversely it was heart-breaking watching very young beautiful women and their children pass away from getting the information and support needed, a little too late.

   Shortly afterwards, I participated in some research work into post-operative pain management in women post caesarean section also at the College of Medicine, UCH, following which I relocated to the United Kingdom where I started as a research Nurse at the University of Surrey, into Food Intolerance. Here, I got acquainted with working in Primary Care, GP surgery. I re-ignited my love for women’s health by studying for a post-graduate diploma in women’s and sexual health at Kings College London and ran a nurse-led sexual health clinic in South-West London for nearly 8 years before moving to Essex. I am currently working in Essex as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

   I have a deep passion for black women to overcome years-long barriers to having amazing health, by empowering us with current knowledge from great health professionals and well-researched health topics to help us make informed decisions about our general health. Hop on this super fun-filled discovery journey with me as we become Healthy Ebony Women.

Disclaimer: This blog site offers general health information for health awareness, if you have any individual concerns please speak to your Advanced Nurse Practitioner or General Practitioner in your local GP surgery for individualized care and treatment.

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