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In my interaction with a few women recently, I have noticed a growing sense of weariness and hesitation around the use of hormonal contraceptives. With a growing number of women now on hormonal contraception for various reasons, I would like to write this blog to give some balanced information so that women in this community […]

Contraceptives, Side Effects & Much More!
In my interaction with a few women recently, I have noticed a growing sense of weariness and hesitation...
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When Period Stops: Questions Women Ask About Menstruation
We have discussed heavy period flow extensively here on the Healthy Ebony Woman. In this blog post, I...
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Living With Hair Loss
    Her Glory When We Lose Control Tola’s Story   Her Glory  Where does one...
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Sickle Cell and Women's Health
Hi there! The month of September is the sickle cell awareness month in the United Kingdom. I am particularly...
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The Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation.
During a typical day in the Women’s Health Clinic, I saw a lovely, petite lady for a procedure....
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Women Mental Health: Carol's Story.
In my introductory blog, we had a chat about the role-related cause of depression. In this write-up,...
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Sadness and loneliness concept. Despaired, stressed woman body 3D rendering
1: Heart-to-Heart Talk on Depression
I’m super excited to bring you a new blog series where we can have a heart-to-heart talk on depression...
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Fibroid Image
Are Uterine Fibroids Preventable?
In my clinical practise and years of talking to other women, I have encountered those with uterine fibroids,...
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Period pain
What Decides: Period Pain or None!
Primary Period Pain Secondary Period Pain What Helps? Jemima, a 21-year-old clinical psychologist,...
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What You Need To Know About Vaginal Discharge.
Do you think you know your vaginal discharge well enough? Hmm.. you may want to think again. What cues...
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Staying on top of your game
Menopause: Staying On Top Of Your Game!
What is the expected workplace demeanour? Confidence, poise, being in control and on top of your game?...
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Menopause 1
MENOPAUSE 3: It’s Hot in Here! It’s Dry Down There!!
“I do not need to talk about how it affected our sex life, do I?” said Kiki, I quickly interjected, “oh...
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